Benefits Of Online Book Clubs

online book club
Written by Kelly Roberts

Online book clubs have exploded in popularity in just the last decade or so, giving book lovers a chance to share their passion with people from around the world. With the Coronavirus epidemic going on right now, they have become more popular than ever. 


With so many different online book clubs already out there to join up with – and the chance to create your own, if you’re interested – you’ll never have to worry about reading alone again.


At the same time, some remain a little skeptical about whether or not there are real benefits of online book clubs.


Some readers are nervous that they won’t get the same experience they would have with a traditional, in-person book club. Others aren’t sure whether or not the social side of book clubs can make and easy translation to the digital world.


Below we dig a little deeper into the benefits of online book clubs so that you know exactly what you are getting into. The odds are pretty good that you’ll find them to be really worthwhile!

Connect with Fellow Book Lovers Online


Right out of the gate, online book clubs give you an opportunity to connect with fellow book lovers from all over the planet – including those that you never would have had an opportunity to connect with otherwise.


Different book clubs revolve around different types of titles and authors. This gives you a chance to find like-minded readers that are into the same titles that you are, but it also gives you a chance to join online book clubs that you wouldn’t have in-person – the kinds of book clubs that will stretch you as a reader, encouraging you to get out and try new authors and new books that you might not have discovered on your own.


This benefit alone is reason enough to check out online book clubs!

Get a Chance to Share Your Thoughts


Secondly, an online book close gives you a chance to share your thoughts in a way that you might not have felt comfortable in person.


Not only do you enjoy at least a little bit of anonymity with an online book club (assuming you’re not having Zoom meetings), but you also get a chance to take the time to gather your thoughts about the book that you are all reading in a way that in-person meetings make rather difficult.


You’ll be able to take your time sharing your thoughts about the book that you all covered, taking into account the opinions and ideas that your fellow readers have already shared. This will help you grow dramatically as a reader, giving you a chance to not just read new titles but discuss them and write out your thoughts, too.

Discover New Books with Great Recommendations


Even online book clubs that are dedicated to a specific genre or even a specific author are going to help turn you on to new books and new titles that you would have surely missed out on otherwise.


One of the greatest advantages of any book club – online or off – is that you get to check out titles that might have flown under the radar, titles that might have gone overlooked, or titles that just haven’t gotten as much traction for you as others already have.


It’s not at all uncommon for fellow readers in your online club to help you find some of your new favorite books, opening you up to new authors and new experiences.

Track and Chart Your Reading


Thanks to the online nature of these kinds of book clubs you are able to use tools and technology to track and chart your reading.


A lot of us would love to read a little more than we do already (especially if you are passionate about books) but have a tough time carving out a chunk of our day to dedicate to reading exclusively.


The commitment of an online book club not only sort of compels you to carve that time out every day, but it also helps you track and chart the time you spend reading, how long it takes you to finish certain books, and your journey through new books as well.


Having the chance to look back a year, five years, or 10 years from now at all the books that you have read – and your thoughts on those books – is something that is rather difficult to pull off when you are in a traditional book club.


Online, though, it’s effortless.

Get to Know Your Favorite Authors


Because of the online nature of these clubs, and the landscape of the internet in general, a lot of authors today are engaging with their fans and their readers directly in these clubs.


It’s always exciting to get a chance to pick the mind of an author that you respect and appreciate, and there’s just something special about diving deep into a book and getting feedback about your thoughts and feelings directly from the person that created it.

Sure, every now and again and author might pop into your local area for a book signing. But you’ll never have their undivided attention and a chance for some real one-on-one back and forth with them the way you might in an online book club!

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