Best Engineering Mathematics Books 2020

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Written by Kelly Roberts

Finding the right textbooks to learn the fundamentals of engineering mathematics can be a bit of a challenge, if only because there are so many different options out there to pick and choose from.


Below we highlight the best engineering mathematics books on the market today, modern and classic books that definitely belong on your bookshelf or in your research library. Many of these books are required reading in top-tier university and college curriculums, and others are going to help you further your education as you move from the world of academia into your new professional opportunities.

Top Mathematics Engineering Books 2020

Advanced Engineering Mathematics 10th Edition

This 10th edition version of one of the most foundational engineering mathematics textbooks is completely brand-new and overhauled, refreshing the material contained within but also providing many of the classic lesson plans that have helped it become a staple in most university and college programs.


Students and professionals alike will get a lot out of this comprehensive textbook, a book that covers the basics of engineering mathematics and applied mathematics for engineers and physicists as well as a whole host of other disciplines, too.


Higher Engineering Mathematics

Anytime you are talking about a textbook that is well into its 43rd edition you know that you are looking at a classic resource that continues to prove its value and its worth year after year.


This is a textbook revolving around the more advanced and higher-level aspects of engineering mathematics and applied mathematics for engineering and scientific fields as opposed to the entry-level or foundational textbooks that some of the other entries on this list are set up as.


Even still, new students and professionals alike will find a lot of value in this classic. It’s more than 1200 pages of information is sure to have everything you’re looking for and then some.


Advanced Engineering Mathematics 5th Edition

A much more modern update to the previous edition of this textbook, you’ll find many of the examples and many of the lesson plans contained within this text to have been completely overhauled and rewritten with our modern world and more modern applications in mind.


This is a great entry-level textbook but also provides a deeper overview of the core mathematical topics that students interested in engineering and science are going to want to familiarize themselves with before they start to further their education and go down this career path.


Basic Engineering Mathematics 7th Edition

Another fundamental entry point for students just getting started in the world of engineering or science, this textbook is recommended by thousands of educators in the US and Europe (as well as a number of other locations around the world) as a core building block part of their curriculum.


Combining a lot of practical engineering examples with very modern and relevant twists with the sometimes nebulous theory behind engineering mathematics, it’s easy to come away from this textbook with a more tangible understanding of the material than you might have received with some of the other options on the market right now.


Engineering Mathematics Seventh Edition

This is a textbook that has sold more than 500,000 copies since the first edition was made available back in 1970 and certainly belongs on the list with the rest of the best engineering mathematics books available today.


This edition has been totally overhauled and updated from top to bottom, takes advantage of digital resources in conjunction with the printed material you’ll find throughout the textbook, and offers a broad mathematical survey approach to a bride range of topics that range from incredibly basic and fundamental to super advanced and very specific.


The in-depth self-study guide that is included in this textbook is widely regarded as one of the best in the world of engineering mathematics it is worth the purchase price of this textbook all on its own.


Engineering Mathematics Through Applications

Popular worldwide because of its accessibility and the almost step-by-step nature it takes to teaching complex engineering examples with a lot of real, practical information and exposition this is one of the better entry points into the world of engineering mathematics you’ll find today.


The best thing about this textbook in specific is that the examples it highlights throughout the text really pull from a wide variety of engineering disciplines. You’re going to find mechanic details, aerodynamic details, examples from the worlds of electronics and aviation, as well as fluid dynamics and so much more.


You end up getting a master class in engineering mathematics across a variety of different disciplines with this book, really helping you to see how these fundamental lessons can be applied in a variety of different “real world” ways.


Advanced Engineering Mathematics, SI Edition

One of the better textbooks out there as far as illustrated examples are concerned, the way that the authors and the artists worked together to create this textbook is nothing short of exceptional.

At the end of the day, you get an engineering mathematics textbook that is very well written in relatable and easy to understand text without “dumbing down” any of the more complex material, but you also get a lot of wonderful illustrated examples that help you better understand how and when to apply different mathematical techniques to resolve the advanced engineering problems you are bumping up against.

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